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Basements with habitable rooms or carparks can have many issues to over come for a successful waterproofing application. Access is a major consideration, if the walls are on the boundary or the site cut has not left enough room for our applicators to work in the job needs to be done in stages.


Pre planning and good communication are nessessary for us to work from inside and complete the walls in stages  as they are bricked up. Usually your plumber needs to have the drainage system in place at these early stages as well. Protecting the membrane with either coreflute or a drainage panel system is a must, without protection you will compromise the membrane.


Flexitray recommends backfilling full depth with scoria or a similar self draining material. The use of a drainage panel eliminates the need for scoria backfill and in some cases will save labor and costs. All basements are quoted individually by Flexitray as all have differing circumstances and membrane specification.