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Flexitray 102

Our own membrane manufactured by Crommelin, an Australian owned and operated company. Flexitray 102 is a waterbourne neoprene rubber containing silacous sand to enhance bonding of tile adhesives ,  completely non toxic and accredited as potable.


Flexitray 102 has been used for over 10 years now in VIC, NSW and QLD with great success and reliability. Many cement based tile adhesive have been accredited for use over Flexitray102.  Flexitray 102 can be used for internal wet areas or balconies and decks




Crommelin Waterproofing & Sealing


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Tremco-Setting Superior Standards

Tremco, Non Exposed membrane (NEM),  NEM is a tough full polyurethane liquid membrane, excellent for use on balconies and terraces,it will cure regardless of temperature and can withstand rain or dew within a few hours of application,NEM can save construction time during cold winter periods. Various tile adhesives have been tested and accredited for use over NEM.









Ardex Australia

Ardex WPM155 is a waterbased polyurethane-acrylic membrane, it cures to a tough flexible film and has excellent adhesion to a wide range of subtrates.WPM155 can be used for internal and external waterproofing.



Strataflex sheet membrane

Strataflex sheet membrane, supplied by Crack Isolation is a very tough, resilent sheet membrane, adhered to the substrate it will bridge upto 9.6mm of lateral movement. Tiles are directly adhered to the membrane using various accredited tile adhesives Once installed it is not effected by rain and tiling can occur on the same day . Strataflex is ideal for balconies and terraces, can also be used for shower bases etc.



Crack Isolation


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