All bathroom and  wet area waterproofing falls under AS3740, the standard called for in the BCA,this is actually the minimum standard,builders may choose to follow best practice guidelines increasing the extent of waterproofing to a particular room.


Generally in a typical bathroom, components waterproofed are,shower walls, bath podiums, wall-floor junctions(concrete floor) or full floors(timber floor).


The shower base will be waterproofed if building an insitu shower (tiled base).Ideally, the membrane is applied over the screed..Best practice is to have a membrane under and over the screed.                                        


Water stop angles are called for in AS3740 these must be placed at the doorway of a wet area and around the perimeter of an insitu base unless a hob or stepdown has been created to the base.Also a waterstop should be installed under the actual bath onto the podium.


Most liquid membranes require at least 48 hrs curing prior to tiling, longer periods may be necessary in cold climates